Team Slopoke

 Cancer! What is cancer? Where does it come from? Why does it affect certain people? Why isn’t there a cure? Why does it come back sometimes even after being treated? That’s just a few questions I have for it’s ugly self. I have seen firsthand what it can do and it just sucks. Today as this page and fundraiser is being launched I have my best friends on my mind. Tommy and Zoie Holt have a battle coming up this week and could use a few soldiers to go into battle with them.  I have known Tommy for about 25 years now. We have laughed together, cried together, and built together.  Zoie on the other hand I have known even longer than Tommy. I went all through school with her from kindergarten up through graduation back in 1995. Zoie has a hard enough job just putting up with Tommy Holt on a day to day basis but this week she has one of the hardest and biggest fights ever. Cancer is no friend. Cancer is no fun. Cancer, really just sucks and Zoie has first hand knowledge of that as a survivor! Years ago she was diagnosed with a form that was treated and thought to have been eliminated from her sweet soul. Unfortunately it is back. Zoie is scheduled to have a major operation this week and will be out of work for an unknown amount of time. What is known about time is that it’s time to come together as a Team! Only two people were made aware of this fundraiser prior to today . Neither of which is Tommy or Zoie. I wanted this to be a special Valentine’s Surprise! Myself, Doug Conley and the good ole Dirt Road Army have launched this special ops mission to help offset the financial strain this ugly cancer thing has caused and is still causing today. I encourage everybody to join Team Slopoke, get you one of these limited edition shirts as proceeds go directly to Zoie! Be an encouragement and leave a message for her in the comment section. We are running this fundraiser for two weeks and then we will print and ship these shirts out at the end of February. Every package will also include a limited edition Team Slopoke Decal. If you are not familiar with online shopping or are hesitant please get with someone that understands that Paypal is the leading most secure E-Commerce merchant of all the web . We are running this online to keep things simple as well as have records! If you would like to donate directly to Zoie, reach out to her on Facebook . ***NOTE*** This is a $25 shirt, it is priced at 19.05 and shipping of $5.95 will be added in at checkout*** We will not be offering this shirt for local pickup. Again, we are trying to keep this as simple and as effective as possible. Every time an order is placed Zoie will get an email notification. Thank you all for your support #teamslopoke

Zoie, I told you earlier this week ” An Army is Forming” I meant what I said too! There is a purpose, there is hope, there is faith! Just Fight Like a Girl. You’ve beat it before, you’re gonna beat it again! We love you girl! And Tommy, we just like you! Most of the time….

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