Memorial Benches For Uvalde, Texas School Victims

Memorial Benches For Uvalde, Texas School Victims
Hello, my name is Sean Peacock located in Eastman Georgia and also owner of JassGraphix Inc. The recent tragedy of the Robb Elementary School shooting has resulted in one of the parents that lost a child in that horrific event reaching out to us via our Etsy shop  wanting to purchase two Butterfly memorial benches that we produce here at JassGraphix. She was asking for a discount if she ordered two but I think every child there deserves to be remembered. We as a community can shine a light on a dark time in the lives of many, not only there, but across our country. We have to let the good flow so the evil can go.
I have reduced the bench pricing considerably and also committed personally to pay for one of these benches so now we have 20 left. I wish I could afford to cover the full cost of materials and labor however in this day and time it is not possible. With the help of the community, we can make a difference. One Facebook post has resulted in many local people wanting to donate and this GoFundMe is the best way to do this.

About The Benches

The benches themselves are made of choice pick wood with a laser engraved photo inside of the backrest. The seat will also be laser engraved and personalized to each victim. All of the attachments are made of stainless steel and made to stand the test of time. Also, each bench will measure 48-50 inches when fully put together. These benches were actually developed because of a loss of my own which was my sister Donna. We are a five-star seller on Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart and you can read customer testimonials on those marketplaces about our quality, passion, and dedication to making a difference!

What The Goal Is For

The current goal is set to help offset the cost of the 21 benches that are planned to be hand-delivered to the city of Uvalde. Any extra amount raised our goal of 20 thousand we will donate to a nonprofit mental health charity we have yet to determine. More updates soon. God Bless you, them, and us!

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