Table of Fire, Milan Volunteer Fire Department Table Wrap.

Table of Fire, Milan Volunteer Fire Department Table Wrap.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I thought this fire department table project was blog worthy.  A few weeks ago Mr. Lee Kirkland, Fire Chief of Milan Fire Department text me inquiring about some graphics on a table he was working on. He asked for a quote and we discussed a few things about the layout and using true fire flames or not. He also wanted to use the official patch of Milan FD which we placed on the center of the table as you can see in the pics. I think it turned out fantastic. Lee had prepped the table properly including a nice coat of polyurethane. We then turned to Photoshop to get the firefighter design in order.  From there it was output to a HP latex Printer that produced some of the most vibrant colors and shades I’ve seen off of any wide format printer lately. After the print cured overnight a clear over laminate was applied to the graphic for added durability. After lamination we ran this printed vinyl through our plotters for the contour cut. We did this so the clear areas of the flame would have the natural wood finish showing through and also adds some pop! We used a standard high performance vinyl on this project and it turned out Hot!  I am anxious to see the completed project after Chief Kirkland applies that final coat of polyurethane.  I am so grateful for the work, and grateful for the volunteers of my small town.[quote]They fight what we all fear![/quote]

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