Two Wood Sign His and Her Decor
His wood block from the side
Hers from the side.
Made in the USA two sign combo
His Side and Her Side blocks
Side view
Side view
Made in the USA Graphic
Mr. Never Right and Mrs. Always Right
Mr. Never Right side view
Mrs. Always Right side view
Never Right and Always Right combo graphic
He asked and She Said Yes blocks
He Asked side view
She Said Yes side view
He Asked and She Said Yes combo graphic
Her One and His Only blocks
Her One side view
His Only side view
Her One and His Only Made in the USA Graphic
Her Beast block with horn graphic and His Beauty with rose graphic blocks
Side view of Her Beast featuring horn graphics.
Side view of His Beauty with rose graphic.
Made In The USA Her Beast and His Beauty
Good Morning Gorgeous and Good Morning Handsome blocks
Side view Good Morning Gorgeous
Side View Good Morning Handsome
Made in the USA graphic
You Will Forever Be My Always with leaf branch graphic
Side view of You Will Forever
Side view of Be My Always
Forever and Always Made in the USA graphic
I Like His Guns and I Like Her Buns blocks
I Like Her Guns side view
I Like Her Buns side view
Guns and Buns Made in the USA Graphic
Her Sir and His Lady blocks
Side View of Her Sir
Side view of His Lady
Made in the USA Her Sir and His Lady
I like His Beard and I Like Her Butt blocks
Side View of I Like His Beard
Side View of I Like Her Butt
Made in the USA Graphic
You Keep Me Safe and I&
Side View You Keep Me Safe
Side View I&
Made In the USA
Her Buck and His Doe with deer graphics.
Side View of Her Buck
Side View of His Doe
Her Buck and His Doe Set of two graphic
Her King and His Queen blocks with crown graphics
Side View of Her King
Side View of His Queen
Her King and His Queen two sign graphic
Love You More and Love You Most blocks
Love You More side view
Love You Most side view
Made in the USA graphic
You Have My Whole Heart and For My Whole Life blocks
Side View of You Have My Whole Heart
Side view of For My Whole Life
Made in the USA graphic

Two Wood Sign | Bedroom Décor | Wall Décor | Gift For Couples

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  • In stock, ready to ship
  • Inventory on the way
  • 12”x 6”x 1” two personalized wooden signs
  • We make our signs with a whitewash finish on pine wood.
  • Obviously the perfect gift for any couple.
  • As always, we make our custom made signs in our Georgia facility.
  • Unlike other companies, we make our signs right here in the USA! 
  • We offer several options in addition to our His and Hers sign. (See Below)
  • Lightweight yet strong & durable.

First and foremost we make our His and Her Two Wood Sign Wall Decor with couples in mind. Clearly our signs are perfect for couples getting married, already married, living together, or moving in together. Second we UV print directly to a solid piece pine wood using our state of the art UV printers. Third, our signs ship fast because we make them right here in USA. 

Our sigs add a custom & individualized touch to any decor.

Futhermore, we design our His and Her two wood sign wall decor with a whitewash finish that blends seamlessly with any decor. Without a doubt our signs look great with farmhouse chic, modern, or classic decor. In addition to our His and Hers two wood sign, we also offer His side and Her side option. Clearly we designed this sign option with bedroom decor in mind. 

Live, Laugh, and love more with our two wood sign decor!

Without question every relationship benefits from a good sense of humor. Clearly we designed our Mr. Never Right and Mrs. Always Right option for couples that can not only laugh together but can also laugh at themselves. 

Last but not least our two wood sign pack makes a great gift. Obviously our signs are the perfect wedding gift but couples of all ages love receiving our signs for any occasion. Obviously our signs are great for engagements, showers, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas, and birthdays. Clearly you should order our His and Hers two wood sign today! 


We process all orders as fast as possible. Our expert designers work quickly so we can ship quickly. If you need to cancel we ask you do so in less than 24 hours. We do not accept returns on personalized items. Please double check your spelling. Thank you.

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I’ve purchased 2 signs from this seller for housewarming gifts. I’ve been pleased with the quick delivery and quality work! I recommend them.


Etsy Customer



Julie Wolfe

Amazon Review


The picture doesn’t do it justice! I always buy personalized gifts for weddings but have a never bought one for myself. I’m so glad I did! It’s beautiful( silly for just a “letter” I know) Great craftsmanship ! It’s a perfect addition to our living room!

K. Felps

Amazon Customer