Recycled Vinyl Storage Rack, From Trash to Treasure!

Recycled Vinyl Storage Rack, From Trash to Treasure!

For many months, maybe even years I have been collecting and saving these cardboard tubes. Every time I order sign vinyl or HTV it normally comes shipped in on a tube. These tubes work well when I ship out custom pageant magnets or large wall decals but for some reason I have just been holding on to these tubes just knowing one day I would find a use for them. That day came today! A recycled vinyl storage wall rack was born. Yesterday it dawned on me as I looked over one of my counters in the main workroom and seeing vinyl and HTV all over the place. I have several of those “store bought” wall racks and many shelves in place and all are over flowing with vinyl. As the holidays are here my inventory continues to grow and I needed a quick fix and a fix it is! I used my handy dandy chop saw to cut these tubes in half then cut them again on a 45 degree angle. Me and the kids then took some 80 grit sandpaper to smooth out that nasty cut the chop saw left behind. From there I found a scrap piece of luan plywood that was already near the size I needed for the part needed to attach the storage rack to the wall. So after we sanded all these fancy cardboard tubes and cleaned all the dust all that was left was hot gluing them to the plywood. 4 wood screws later and viola! A recycled vinyl storage rack “Patent Pending”. It is not the “purdiest” thing, but it works. No back to that “work” I go!

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